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The Prophetic Messenger -November/December 2014 - Is Russia Rebuilding The Former Soviet Union? - Part I

The Prophetic Messenger

A Newsletter From Mysteries From The Word Of God Ministries
November/December 2014 - Volume 16/Issue 6

Is Russia Rebuilding The Former Soviet Union? - Part I

If when he seeth the sword come upon the land, he blow the trumpet, and warn the people; Then whosoever heareth the sound of the trumpet, and taketh not warning; if the sword come, and take him away, his blood shall be upon his own head. Ezekiel 33:3-4

In this issue of The Prophetic Messenger, we will start a message titled “Is Russia Rebuilding The Former Soviet Union? ”

1. New Cold War

Did the cold war really end after the fall of the Soviet Union? (the following quote is from the Prophetic Messenger May/June 2000 - Is Communism Dead?)

The former Soviet Union is preparing for war against America. Before one nation wars against another nation, it sends spies into the land. In 1989 we were told that the cold war had ended and that the Soviet Union was our friend. However, since that time, the Soviet Union has actually increased its spying on the United States.

A newspaper article titled "Continuing A Cold War Game"(Note 1) shows the history of espionage between the former Soviet Union and the United States of America. In this article it states

"Early last summer, Stanislav Gusev, a technical expert who was nearing retirement from the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service and who had arrived in Washington in March, drove downtown in a car with Russian diplomatic plates and searched for a parking space within sight of the State Department. According to U.S. officials, Gusev did this regularly for months, parking and reparking his car while carefully feeding parking meters to avoid tickets. Then he would use equipment in his clothing to activate an eavesdropping device planted inside the State Department, which transmitted conversions from a conference room on the sensitive seventh floor to recording equipment in Gusev's car. Over time, U.S. government officials said, Gusev monitored between 50 and 100 meetings that took place just outside the "mahogany row" of offices belonging to Secretary of State Madeleine Albright and her top deputies." ........."FBI and State Department security officials said that the breach of national security was serious, and that they are still trying to figure out when the device was planted and by whom. They are also poring over months of meeting logs to measure the damage done before the bug was uncovered. . . .This is not only a story of effective counterintelligence... it's also a very important story of the aggressive activity of Russian intelligence presence inside the United States, said Neil Gallagher, an assistant FBI director who heads the bureau's national security division".This article also contains a list of some key espionage cases from some people in the U.S. 1)Aldrich Ames, "The CIA officer has been called the most damaging U.S. spy for Moscow" 1994, 2)Harold Nicholson, "The former CIA station chief was arrested Nov. 16, 1996" and 3) Earl E. Pitts, "The FBI arrested Pitts, an FBI supervisor and former counterintelligence officer on Dec. 18, 1996."

The recent leaks by Edward Snowden are considered some of the most damaging information leaks in US history. An article titled “Edward Snowden: Timeline”(Note 2) states

“Edward Snowden, a former Central Intelligence Agency technical worker, is the source of one of the worst information leaks in US history. Materials provided by Mr Snowden to the media allege the US has conducted widespread and illegal surveillance of its citizens and other nations. The BBC looks at how the affair has developed since it broke in June. 6 June 2013: Guardian journalist Glenn Greenwald reports the US National Security Agency (NSA) is collecting the telephone records of millions of Verizon customers under a top secret court order granting the government unlimited authority to obtain communications data for a three-month period.7 June: The Guardian and Washington Post report the NSA is accessing the systems of US internet giants including Google and Facebook, and collecting data under a previously undisclosed surveillance programme called Prism. The programme allows officials to collect material including emails, live chats and search histories.8 June: US President Barack Obama says the government surveillance programmes strike ‘the right balance’ between security and privacy and are closely overseen by Congress and the courts . . . . 23 June: Mr Snowden flies from Hong Kong to Moscow as extradition pressure builds. Ecuador's foreign minister confirms on Twitter that Mr Snowden has requested asylum there. Ecuador has an extradition treaty with the US but allows for political asylum exemptions, and has sheltered Mr Assange in its London embassy for the past year.24 June: White House spokesman Jay Carney urges Russia to return Mr Snowden, and says the manner of his departure from Hong Kong would "unquestionably impact" on US relations with China . . . .12 July: Mr Snowden emerges at Sheremetyevo airport for the first time in three weeks, saying he sought asylum in Russia as he was unable to travel to Latin America. 1 August: Mr Snowden leaves the airport and enters Russian territory after applying for temporary asylum. The US says Russia's decision is ‘extremely disappointing’.7-9 August: President Obama cancels a meeting with Russian President Putin following Russia's asylum decision. He promises ‘appropriate reforms’ to guarantee greater oversight of US surveillance programmes.16 August: Citing documents leaked by Mr Snowden, the Washington Post reports the NSA broke privacy rules and overstepped its legal authority thousands of times in the past two years.”

Another article titled "Russia's Putin Approves Plans To Update Military"(Note 3) states

"Acting President Vladimir Putin approved plans to modernize the Russian military by sharply increasing the purchase of new weapons and equipment. Putin, who wants to restore Russia as a global power, also, said the defense budget would be reallocated so more money goes toward developing high-tech conventional weapons."

In January 2000, when Putin, who was serving as President of Russia, said that he wanted to restore Russia as a global power. Now, in 2014, for the second year in a row, President Putin has been named as the world’s most powerful person by Forbes Magazine. In an article titled “Putin Vs. Obama: The World's Most Powerful People 2014”(Note 4) it says

“Power has been called many things. Pretty isn’t one of them. No one would call Vladimir Putin a good guy. In 2014 he strong-armed his way into possession of Crimea and waged an ugly proxy war in neighboring Ukraine, during which an almost certainly Russian-supplied surface-to-air missile downed a civilian jetliner. But as the undisputed, unpredictable and unaccountable head of an energy-rich, nuclear-tipped state, no one would ever call him weak. So who’s more powerful: the omnipotent head of a feisty former superpower or the handcuffed head of the most dominant country in the world? For the second year running, our votes went with the Russian president as the world’s most powerful person, followed by U.S. President Barack Obama and Chinese leader Xi Jinping.”

In an upcoming issue we will share more about the rebuilding of the Russian military which is already being used to take back parts of the former Soviet Union.
Note 1:The Oregonian Newspaper, Friday December 10, 1999 page A30
Note 2:http://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-23768248
Note 3:The Oregonian Newspaper, 1/28/2000
Note 4: http://www.forbes.com/sites/carolinehoward/2014/11/05/putin-vs-obama-the-worlds-most-powerful-people-2014/?&_suid=14164290357140735805940348655

Coming Up In The Next Issue

Is Russia Rebuilding The Former Soviet Union?- Part II. Read this article in the next issue of The Prophetic Messenger.

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