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The Prophetic Messenger - March/April 2003 - Russia Friend or Foe?

The Prophetic Messenger

A Newsletter From Mysteries From The Word Of God Ministries
March/April 2003 - Volume 5/Issue 2

Russia Friend or Foe?

"For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape." I Thessalonians 5:3

This article shows that Russia is not our friend but an enemy to the United States of America and is planning a future attack on this nation.

1. Do We Ever Learn From History?

Many have forgotten the history of Afghanistan. The Soviet Union was friends with the Afghan people and used this deception of friendship to invade their country. (For more information see the May/June 2000 edition of The Prophetic Messenger newsletter and read the article titled "Is Communism Dead?"). The United States is repeating the mistakes that Afghanistan made which will led to Russia invading our country. A newspaper article titled "U.S. Doubts Russia Will Be a Future Threat" (Note 1) states

"Secretary of State Colin Powell said Tuesday the world was safer now that Moscow and the West had joined hands ending decades of enmity. The experience of he last 10 years is that, slowly but surely, Russia has come to the realization that its future lies to the West and the West is coming to the realization that its future lies with Russia, Powell said....... Powell said Moscow had found it essential to join its former adversaries, ending an era of potential Russian threat to the West. I don't think we're going to see a rerun of this movie, Powell said."

In I Thessalonians 5:3 it says "For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape."

2. Treaty Signer, Treaty Breaker

Since 1968, the former Soviet Union or Russia has been trying to reduce our nation's nuclear arsenals through treaties which they sign with no intention to keep. An article titled "A New Nuclear Treaty", subtitled "Allowing Weapons To Be Stored Could Leave Russian Arms Vulnerable"(Note 2) contains interesting information. In this article it shows the long history of nuclear arms treaties signed from 1968 to the most recent treaty signed on May 24, 2002. Let's look at three examples of how the Soviet Union or Russia signs agreements with the United States and how the United States follows through with the agreements but Russia never keeps them.

1)The Start 2 treaty was signed by the first President Bush and Russian President Boris Yeltsin in January 1993. The treaty said "to reduce nuclear warheads to 3,000 to 3,500 each, was ratified by the Senate in January 1996. The Russian Parliament ratified it in 2000. It has yet to go into effect." An another article titled "Moscow Extends Life Of 144 Cold War Ballistic Missiles"(Note 3) shows the results of this treaty. In the article it states

"Russia has announced a radical plan to overhaul more than 100 of its most powerful intercontinental nuclear missiles, which had been destined for the scrap heap under the arms reduction treaties with the United States. A total of 144 of the missiles, which weigh 200 tonnes and can each carry 10 warheads to the US from silos behind the Ural mountains, were due to be dismantled by 2007 under the Start 2 weapons treaty signed by George Bush Sr. and Boris Yeltsin nine years ago. But the commander in chief of Russia's strategic nuclear forces, Colonel-General Nikolai Solovtsov, has declared that the missiles - nicknamed Satan by the west during the cold war - are to be refurbished and upgraded to keep them fully operational until 2014.....The missiles are considered particularly effective, since they send 50 warheads over their target area, 40 of which are decoys designed to outwit sophisticated missile defense systems of the kind planned by the Bush administration...... President Vladimir Putin replied that the decision was a "mistake", but not a threat to Russia. Six months later Russia pulled out of the Start 2 treaty, which compelled it to destroy its Satan missiles."

Another article titled "Trident Sub Ohio To Trade Nukes For Conventional Weaponry" (Note 4) shows that the US is still keeping it's end of the bargain. In the article it states

"The USS Ohio, the oldest among the nation's fleet of hulking, black Trident submarines, is trading in its nuclear arsenal....The 560-foot Ohio, commissioned during the Cold War in 1981, is one of the four Tridents the Navy is outfitting with conventional weapons under the START II pact. The treaty requires the Russian and American navies each to cut back to 14 ballistic missile subs by the end of the year."

2) An article titled "Satellites Pinpoint Russia Nuclear Arms In Baltics"(Note 5) states

"U.S. spy satellites have located the exact position of Russian tactical nuclear weapons in the Baltic enclave of Kaliningrad, contradicting Moscow's contention that it had not transferred the battlefield arms....The satellite photographs have refuted Russian government denials about the transfer or deployment of nuclear arms in Kaliningrad. The transfers were first reported by The Washington Times on Jan. 3....Under an informal agreement reached between the United States and Russia in 1992, Moscow was to remove all tactical nuclear weapons from forward-deployed areas and said they had done so.....A Pentagon spokesman told The Washington Times last month that the deployment of tactical nuclear arms to Kaliningrad violates Moscow's pledge to keep the Baltic region a 'nuclear-fre'" zone."

3) On May 24, 2002 President Bush and Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a treaty in Moscow. An article titled "A New Nuclear Treaty" is subtitled "Allowing Weapons To Be Stored Could Leave Russian Arms Vulnerable"(Note 2). The article states that this treaty "would limit nuclear stockpiles in both nations to 1,700 to 2,200 warheads by 2012."

In another article titled "Russia Issues 'Regret,' Warning Over US Missile Shield Plan"(Note 6). In this article it states

"Russia expressed 'regret' Wednesday at US President George W. Bush's decision to deploy a limited missile shield by 2004 and said the move could lead to a new arms race while sidetracking the fight against terrorism. 'Such steps must not hurt Russia's security interests,' said Russian Foreign Minister Igor Ivanov while on a visit to Tokyo, the Interfax news agency reported....That new partnership was sealed at a May summit in Moscow at which Bush and Putin vowed to slash the two sides' nuclear arsenals by two thirds over a 10-year span......Igor Sergeyev, a former defense minister who serves as Putin's advisor on strategic defense, argued Wednesday that Washington has failed to assure Moscow that the shield was aimed against nations like North Korea rather than Russia itself. We cannot fail but notice that the shield is being unfurled not in the south -- where the perceived danger from so-called rogue states is coming from -- but in the north, the direction from which Russian missile could rain down on US soil, said Sergeyev. Meanwhile lawmakers in Russia's State Duma lower house of parliament -- which must still ratify the May disarmament treaty -- launched a move to amend the May disarmament to let Russia withdraw from the pact under exceptional circumstances....Duma defense committee chairman Andrei Nikolayev said he would propose that US or NATO military decisions threatening Russia's national security, and serious Russian economic difficulties, would allow Russia to abandon the pact and keep its nuclear arms."

We see from these articles that Russia is using deception by signing treaties it never intends to keep.

3. America's Enemies, Russia Friends

While the United States continues to fight the war on terrorism, Russia is supplying many of these enemies with weapons of mass destruction. To prove that Russia is supplying many of the enemies of the United States, I will quote articles from news sources around the world.

1)The article titled "Russia Rips CIA Report On Technology" (Note 7) says

"Russia angrily denounced a CIA report that questions the Kremlin's willingness and ability to prevent the spread of dangerous technology, a sign of renewed tension following a sharp improvement in relations in the wake of the Sept. 11 terror attacks......This is the first time in recent years that an official American document makes an attempt to question the devotion, willingness and ability of the Russian government to prevent the leakage of sensitive products and technology abroad, The Foreign Ministry said. Russia strictly meets its international obligations to control the export of sensitive trade and technology. CIA Director George Tenet told Congress on Wednesday that Russia is one of the leading suppliers of nuclear technology and missiles to countries hostile to the United States and remains the first choice of nations seeking nuclear technology and training.....President Vladimir Putin has lent strong support for the U.S.-led campaign in Afghanistan, saying Russia long ago recognized the worldwide threat of terrorism. But President Bush's denunciation of Iraq, Iran and North Korea as part of an "axis of evil" that must stop pursuing weapons of mass destruction or face consequences presented a challenge to Russia, which has friendly ties with all three."

2)An article titled "Russia Says To Go Ahead Iran Nuclear Reactor"(Note 8) states

"Russia brushed aside strong U.S. criticism on Wednesday and said it had agreed with Tehran to speed up building of a $800 million nuclear reactor in Iran and to consider constructing another. The United States, which has branded Iran part of an 'axis of evil' for allegedly developing weapons of mass destruction, fiercely opposes the Islamic Republic's nuclear program."

3) This article titled "Iraq Buys GPS Scramblers From Russia" subtitled "Device Could Play Havoc With U.S. Smart Bombs, Says Pentagon"(Note 9). It says

"Iraq has obtained global positioning satellite scrambling devices that could play havoc with U.S. smart bombs, the Pentagon says, according to a Fox News Channel report. According to the report, the GPS scramblers - about the size of a clock radio - have been positioned around the borders of Iraq in an effort to throw satellite-guided bombs away from targets."

4) An article titled "Russia Denies Building Nuclear Reactor In Syria"(Note 10) says

"A senior advisor to the Russian Minister of Atomic Energy dismissed as mistaken Wednesday the Russian foreign ministry announcement that Moscow was building a nuclear reactor in Syria......The Russian foreign ministry announcement, which appeared on its official Web site, said that the two nations had reached "basic agreement" on the construction of a reactor, adding that the cooperative effort was aimed at "peaceful needs".......The Russian Tass news agency reported that Moscow and Damascus had already reached agreement on building the reactor, and that the subject was to be on the agenda for the vice president's Wednesday talks with Russian officials."

5) An article titled "Russia Sells Missiles To Sudan, Syria, Libya Among 7 Nations Designated By U.S. As State Sponsor of Terrorism"(Note 11) says

"The United States has determined that Russia continues to sell missiles and rocket-propelled grenades to such countries as Libya, Sudan and Syria. The State Department has identified a series of state-owned Russian companies as selling the weapons to the three Arab countries over the last two years. U.S. official said the Moscow government ignored repeated warnings to halt the sales of the conventional weapons.....Libya, Sudan and Syria are among the seven countries that the United States has designated as state sponsors of terrorism. The others on the State Department list are Cuba, Iran, Iraq and North Korea."

Notice all these 7 countries are friends with Russia today.

6) An article titled "Missiles Smuggled Into U.S."(Note 12) says

"The U.S. government has alerted airlines and law enforcement agencies that new intelligence indicates that Islamic terrorists have smuggled shoulder-fired anti-aircraft missiles into the United States. Classified intelligence reports circulated among top Bush administration policymakers during the past two weeks identified the missiles as Russian-made SA-7 surface-to-air missiles or U.S. -made Stinger anti-aircraft missiles obtained covertly in Afghanistan, said intelligence officials who spoke on the condition of anonymity."

Do you see the pattern here of Russia arming many of the enemies of the United States?

4. Russia Friend or Foe?

We have shown through the three sections in this article that Russia is not our friend but is the enemy of the United States and is planning to attack our nation. In Ezekiel 33:2-5 it says "2 Son of man, speak to the children of thy people, and say unto them, When I bring the sword upon a land, if the people of the land take a man of their coasts, and set him for their watchman: 3 If when he seeth the sword come upon the land, he blow the trumpet, and warn the people; 4 Then whosoever heareth the sound of the trumpet, and taketh not warning; if the sword come, and take him away, his blood shall be upon his own head. 5 He heard the sound of the trumpet, and took not warning; his blood shall be upon him. But he that taketh warning shall deliver his soul." We have been telling people about Russia in America since the late 1980's. We preached a message in 1994 and sent it all over the nation warning the leaders in the church about this attack coming on our nation. In closing, I want to share with you three final articles that Russia is not a friend but a foe or enemy to the United States of America.

1) The article titled "Russia Still a Threat, Says Defense Intelligence Agency"(Note 13) says

"The Pentagon's official line portrays America's Cold War enemy as just another friendly nation. However, its own intelligence agency says Russia remains a nuclear threat. President Bush's administration is endeavoring to sell Russian leaders, European allies, members of Congress and the American people on replacing the half-century-old strategy of mutual assured destruction with an anti-missile defensive shield......While that is taking place in the spotlight of the world stage, back at home the Pentagon's Defense Intelligence Agency is looking down the road 20 years and seeing something considerably different - and menacing.......The bad news is - because of that same good news, from where the Pentagon sits - Russia is clinging doggedly to, and betting its long-term military strategy upon, its still-enormous arsenal of nuclear-tipped intercontinental ballistic missiles. There is only one conceivable target for those thousands of holocaust weapons of mass destruction -- the cities of America."

2) The article titled "CIA Warns of Russia, China, Iran"(Note 14) says

"Even the unclassified and sanitized version of the latest report from the director of Central Intelligence to Congress paints a grim picture of a cash-strapped Russia selling dual-use technology to an increasingly dangerous Iran, China's threat, and a growing danger of terrorists using chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear materials.....Some of the strongest language in the report was reserved for Russia, the only 'entity' earning a specific recommendation: President Vladimir Putin in May 2000 amended the presidential decree on nuclear exports to allow Russia to export nuclear materials, technology, and equipment to countries that do not have full-scope IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency) safeguards. Russian entities during the reporting period continued to supply a variety of ballistic missile-related goods and technical know-how to countries such as Iran, India, and China."

3) This article titled "Inside the Ring" subtitled "Russian Nuke Exercise"(Note 15) says

"Russian strategic nuclear forces are preparing to conduct a long-range aviation exercise that is expected to include aerial probes of U.S. air defenses, defense officials said. The exercise begins next week and involves long-range bomber deployments to bases throughout Russia, including the bomber base of Anadyr in northeastern Siberia near the Bering Sea and the Tiksi air base in north-central Siberia on the Laptev Sea.....Pentagon officials sought to play down the Russian exercises as routine. Other defense officials, however, said the maneuvers show the Russian military still regards the United States as it enemy."
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